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Pixel Moai Club

The Pixel Moai Club is a generative collection of 1,234 unique Moais. The Moais are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the polygon blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

2nd Wave Sale Starts on 2022.05.21

Only 223 Moais For 2nd Wave Sale

Author's Story

I want to create a character, but one problem is that I cannot recognize colors. I am color blind... One day When I saw my daughter holding the 3D-printed moai, I suddenly realized that the moai was gray! That is a good color for me. You will see other colors in the painting, because I use color code to draw each color, so I still don't know what color I painted on the PixelMoais. Hope you like it.

I also made a virtual gallery for our member. They can visit other people's or show their own collection in the future. Being able to interact with your collection is the best thing!
Here is demo link: https://pixelmoai.github.io/PixelMoaiClubGallery/

Pixel Moai Club

Moai can't move and stay in place every day. One day the seed flew to the moai’s head and then the hair grew. The animals were curious and all came to see moai. They became friends. Animals accompany moai every day. Sometimes animals change different styles for moai. All this enriched moai's life. 

2nd Wave Pre-Sale Date: 2022.05.21

2nd Wave Pre-Sale Price: 30 Matic

Over 900 Billion Combinations!

Every Moai has their own unique personality and style!

Background: 25

Base: 24
Eye: 26

Mouth: 29

Nose: 10

Cloth: 52

Accessories: 74

Props: 53

Art Museum: 5




  • Launch of Discord, Twitter, and Website.

  • Start of marketing campaign.


  • We will hold airdrops, competition, and giveaways in on our Twitter and Discord server. In the blockchain contract, there are a maximum of 500 NFTs reserved for our team, giveaways, and airdrops.

1st Wave Sale End

  • Add Muscle Moai to the gallery!!!

  • Free Airdrop of PixelMoaiClub to 10 Lucky #501~777 Holders

  • Free Aridrop of Color Blindness Version to 20 Lucky #501~777 Holders

2nd Wave Sale End

  • Start creating 100 3D moais with dynamic contract

  • Free Aridrop of 20 Color Blindness Version to 20 Lucky #501~1000 Holders

  • Free Aridrop of 1 3D moai to 1 Lucky #501~1000 Holders

  • Add new scene or small game or mobile controller to the gallery!!!

3rd Wave Sale End

  • Coming Soon~

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